January 10, 2022 by ilbloccocreati

September 2021 Garden Journal — ilbloccocreati

Zone 5b/6a, New York State, USA.

September 4, 2021

I went to Ithaca for a carnivorous plant nursery open house and got two new nepenthes and met a well-known plant YouTuber, which was super exciting. I also picked up my garlic bulb order and got a few outdoor plants from another nursery.

September 6, 2021

I planted the new plants I got into my bed, planted a few spring bulbs, and a couple of garlics in my bed for next spring/summer. So much work. While working outside, I got caught in a sudden heavy downpour, so that was fun. Mom said there were some weeds outside that she’s confused about, so I went out to investigate and I found a stray tomato plant sprawled out on the ground, so I staked it up. Should be getting a lot more cherry tomatoes soon from that plant.

September 24, 2021

Latest updates: tomato plant got trimmed back so it can focus on the fruits. Last night was below 50 Fahrenheit, so I brought in plants. I forgot one outside, so it will be brought in today. Dahlias are still blooming.

October 3, 2021

Yesterday, I harvested a few plants that were ready. Since I will be out of town much of October, this will be a bit of a potential late October plan and season reflection. I will be putting bulbs (spring flowers and garlic) in several places, harvesting the last of the lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and carrots. I expect the Dahlia tubers to be ready to put in storage later this month, and I should be getting my bulbs this month from a few places by mail. I know I’ll pick up an elderberry bush and another persimmon tree when I get back. As for the season, we had a wet summer, but my plants have thrived regardless. I got my garden bed up as well and I have more plans for next year. However, deer will always be a problem. They did eat the late season dwarf peas and several of my plants.