August 31, 2021 by ilbloccocreati

July 2021 Garden Journal — ilbloccocreati

Zone 5b/6a, New York State, USA.

July 7, 2021

I noticed that somebody picked my unripe big tomatoes off the plant neatly. Tried to check security camera, but it doesn’t show anything past 3 days prior. I suspect a raccoon might’ve done it, though. Not happy about that. At least my plants got fertilized and watered today. Somehow, mom’s pansy is still alive and kicking, despite the heat. A pine tree fell during a storm.

July 12, 2021

After days of rain, my plants are thriving like crazy and extremely happy. My tomatoes are nearly red as well. Animals better not touch them.

July 14, 2021

Harvested my very first cherry tomato today! All the other plants are growing like crazy due to lots of rain we are having. Mom did request that I dig out the peony from the flower bed that’s being cleared up next week when I’m in NYC.

July 15, 2021

Told mom to harvest all the tomatoes that are red while I’m out of the city. She will have to water plants if they’re droopy as well. The landscaper is coming to clear out all the back area so I can get my garden bed. I’ll have to move the elderberries though. They were planted in the wrong area because I didn’t know hostas would grow there.

July 25, 2021

While I’m in NYC, mom is updating me on news regarding my garden. Landscaper finally cleared my flower bed! About time! However, landscaper accidentally destroyed a rabbit nest, but stopped when he saw the babies, so mom had to recreate the nest, call a wildlife rehabber to check if they’ll be ok, and pretty much babysit the babies. Mom also got the rabbit mom on camera checking on her babies, so we hope they’ll be moved by her overnight. We don’t want the babies to be abandoned or killed by a local outside cat or predators. Even if rabbits and deer eat plants, we do care about wildlife.

July 29, 2021

Updates on the baby rabbits: two got killed, one was dead, mom took the survivor to rehab, so they’ll grow up and be released when mature. Mom also reported a different deer mom, and her twins came by to visit. They better not eat my plants. Today, she sent me pictures of the tree guys cutting down 14 half dead pine trees in the backyard. They are at extreme risk of falling on our house, or the neighbors' for that matter, so they had to be removed. That will provide more sunlight to my area. I do wish I could get that walnut tree behind the hedges removed, but I can’t because it’s the neighbors', who don’t care about their yard.