June 3, 2021 by ilbloccocreati

May 2021 Garden Journal — ilbloccocreati

USA, zone 5b/6a, New York State.

May 2, 2021

I moved my hardening-off plants out to the front porch so they can get used to outside again. So far, they are doing well. Winter sown seeds are growing. Mom requested that I dig out all the sedums left from the previous owner because she wants them to move to where she will have ornamental grass. Yesterday, I gave my neighbor two tomato plants that I grew from seeds and she showed me the room she uses to grow seeds and her greenhouse full of seedlings that she’s growing, along with the two zinnias I gave her that are thriving.

May 3, 2021

Mom discussed the garden plan with me. Will remove the 2 flower beds in middle of yard, apple tree will leave (they don’t grow apple because no other tree nearby) and will have a long flower beds coming from the hedges for about 6 feet, all for me.

May 7, 2021

For the next few nights, it’s below 40, so non-cold hardy plants are in the garage.

May 11, 2021

The old patio finally got ripped up, so the guys are working on a new patio and landscaping for mom. One of my zinnia plants is about to bloom very soon.

May 18, 2021

So, the landscaper came, and he’s booked up until June/July to start work on the landscaping, so I got to bring out my fabric bags and put everything in them around the backyard. I know some vegetables will be planted in the pots anyways. Mom’s disappointed as well, but we can do little things here and there. We can dig out the plants next to the trellis so we can put in the Passiflora I got. I can plant a few more shade tolerant plants I got. We will put soil in my fabric bags and use it to smother the weeds in the area my flower bed will be so I can grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs. I can grow sunflowers and corn in front of the ugly hedges in the backyard.

May 22, 2021

Yesterday, my new friend and I who I met at the plant swap a few weeks ago, went to Ithaca flower/garden sale and we got some new plants. Some for outside, some inside. Today, finally got some soil so I’m ready to transplant veggies into fabric pots in the backyard and to transplant some of my seedlings into containers mom got for plants. Needs to figure out which ones go where, but I’ll figure it out. It has been so hot lately. I keep forgetting to plant lilies and dahlias as well, that needs to happen ASAP.

May 23, 2021

Did so much in the yard. Another landscaper came and cleared out bed in the front yard. I transplanted some plants. I got four trays of various flowers my neighbor grew from seeds. Mom and I planted several plants into our pots as well. When I was transplanting a plant, I accidentally scared a toad by scooping it up, thinking it was part of my plant until it jumped out. Mom freaked out, and I went to try to catch the toad to make sure they’re unharmed. I also suspect the previous owner’s favorite color is pink, which I like.

May 29, 2021

Mom got her hanging tire installed in the front yard on a tree, so we put begonias from our neighbor in it and planted a few sedums around the mailbox. The rest of the sedums are going to the other house. A few days ago, mom planted stuff in her front flower beds, and I finally got around to putting lilies in front of a tree where it gets full sun as well.